Seguin Doesn’t Get Picked Last for Team Chara

Last night was the 2nd annual NHL All-Star fantasy draft. It was a pretty fun event, all things said and done. The captains were Zdeno Chara of your Boston Bruins, and one classy bastard Daniel Alfredsson, of the Ottawa Senators.

Chara had the first pick and didn’t choose Timmy or Seguin. Instead, he chose the sketchiest looking’ guy in the game right now, Pavel Datsyuk. Don’t get me wrong, the guy is unreal but he is one squirrely looking’ bastard.

That’s alright though because with Chara’s 2nd pick, he picked Timmy Thomas. Thomas handled himself well, after that nerd who was hosting the event asked him about the White House drama. It eventually boiled down to four lonely players before Seguin was picked. After Chara spared Seguin of the last place embarrassment, he said to Seguin, “want to hug it out?” And hug it out they did.

A Few Things that were just awful:

– Chara picked Phil Kessel, Carey Price, and Dennis friggin’ Wideman, all before Tyler Seguin.

– The last pick/big winner was Logan Couture. Yeah, it might suck to go last but you win a goddamn car. You win a car for being an elite player in the NHL, who happened to be the last one picked. I’m sure Logan will get over it. Chara’s team looks pretty strong,  and the skills competition and All-Star game should be pretty awesome to watch.


4 thoughts on “Seguin Doesn’t Get Picked Last for Team Chara

  1. Anonymous says:

    You may be the only person ever, and I mean EVER to watch this “event” on television. People wonder why the NHL has such a shit fan base is because crap like this gets air time. This is a step below signing day for high school football players, and a big step at that. I’d rather watch the world series of poker on repeat. Not worthy of a recap.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ummm not sure if you this, but there are NHL fans out there. Surprised you didn’t know that with your glorious knowledge of the sports world

  3. Realist says:

    You 2 shall each be injected with tweek, and put on an island with only razor blades and spider monkeys… may the best hermafordite win.

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