Society as a whole will burn if these rumors of Lebron going back to Cleveland are even slightly true

Prepare yourselves for “The Decision Part II.” And yes, it will involve LeBron James.
Sam Amico of is reporting that, according to sources in Miami, James is unhappy with management, most notably team president Pat Riley.
According to Amico’s sources, “[James] doesn’t particularly care for the heavy-handed and disciplined style” of Riley.
But wait, it gets better.
Amico also reports that — according to his sources — if James does opt out of his contract when he is eligible to do so after the 2013-14 season, the Cleveland Cavaliers would be a team that he eyeballs the most.
Amico writes, “[S]peculation is [James] will strongly consider [opting out] if Riley remains in his current role. And the team James would be eyeballing most in free agency, say those close to the situation, would be the Cavs.”
James reportedly still thoroughly enjoys playing alongside Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, though.
It’s hard to imagine a return to Cleveland for James, given the way the superstar exited the franchise and the city. The incredible range of emotions would be incomprehensible. Twitter would crash more than it already does, the media would never break from the story to cover anything else and more than a few jerseys would be set on fire.
A new version of “The Decision” is still at least two years away, and that’s only if Amico’s report is correct and everything plays out as speculated. Thankfully, that’s plenty of time to prepare for the ensuing insanity. NESN

First question if this actually happens, if you were a Cavs fan would you boo the piss out of Lebron in his return to Cleveland or welcome him back with open arms?

I don’t know the chances of this actually going down and if the story is all fluff in order for Lebron’s PR team to try to excite Cavs fans who would kill James’ children with their bare hands, but the fact that Lebron to Cleveland talk is even out there is pretty intriguing.

Sure I hate Lebron as much as the next guy but this could be the “Decision II”. The superstar that left his hometown in order to team up with two other All Stars with the intention of winning seven NBA titles failed, and now would come back to his roots with his tail between his legs.

I would love to see it play out and Cleveland’s reaction.

Lebron and discipline just don’t mix I guess. Pat Riley runs the Miami Heat with an iron fist. Well, an NBA iron fist. Meaning that he forces his players to stop partying and report back to the hotel room at 5:00 AM instead of 6:00 AM the night before games.

But hopefully Riley will continue to “Iron Fist” Lebron. Because a return to Cleveland would create a world-wind of emotions that could ruin mankind as we know it.


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