Vikings Punter wants Skip Bayless to “fall on a burning pile of rusted AIDS needles”

Skip Bayless has a tendency to get under the skin of certain athletes. Vikings punter Chris Kluwe really took exception to one of the ESPN analyst’s most recent comments, though.
Following Billy Cundiff’s missed field-goal attempt during the closing seconds of Sunday’s AFC Championship Game, Bayless said he felt sorry for the other Ravens players because a “nonplayer” cost them the game. He also said to ban field-goal kicking.
Kluwe, who as a punter might also fit under Bayless’ “nonplayer” umbrella, fired back on Twitter, using a few expletive-laden tweets to voice his displeasure.
At the end of one tweet, Kluwe encouraged Bayless to “Go french kiss a flamethrower.” Kluwe then continued to rip Bayless, even asking how he could call Cundiff a “nonplayer” after the analyst once said kicker Adam Vinatieri should be a Hall of Famer.
Kluwe spoke with the Pioneer Press’ Bob Sansevere about the exchange, during which he said Bayless’ comments were insulting. He said he knew Bayless made such comments to generate ratings for his show, before calling Bayless’ outspokeness “flat-out ignorance.”
When asked what other insults he has saved up, the Vikings punter responded, “I’ve got plenty. One I haven’t used, but I’m saving up if they ever invite me on to First Take [with Bayless]: ‘I hope you fall down an elevator shaft onto a burning pile of rusted AIDS needles.'” NESN

It’s about time somebody broke out the “AIDS needles” insult. Jerk, douche bag, and idiot don’t puncture the skin as much as an AIDS needle rip (no pun intended).

But for all people to call out the squirly pretentious Bayless, it was a Vikings punter? On Twitter? This job had James Harrison or Terrell Suggs written all over it. Too bad it was wasted on a punter who didn’t even throw the AIDS insult at him. Instead, he says he has that one saved in the holster.

If you’re going to bring up AIDS, might as well throw at someone rather than tell people you would say it. Now Kluwe just looks like a horses ass.


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