A non Hockey fan perspective: I like Alex Ovechkin

To all of the TBJ readers out there that don’t know my personal sports preferences, I am not a hockey guy.  I love the NFL and the NBA, but hockey is as foreign to me as Catholicism.  I’ve never skated before or even tried on skates for that matter, and have always labeled hockey players as the nonathletic guys on dry land.  Have you ever seen a hockey player take a jump-shot?  It’s bad.

But to the dismay of my traditional preferences, I am warming up to the sport.  The Bruins winning the Stanley Cup last year definitely helped, and I do know a couple non Bruins players in the NHL.  Is Paul Coffey still in the league?

And since I have been tutored and quizzed by the Jam staff on hockey knowledge (Schif aka. The Spoked C) to expand my range as a “writer” and CEO of a 4th tier sports website, I’ve come to realize and like the biggest star in the game..Alex Ovechkin.

To the untrained hockey mind, Ovechkin  is the biggest bad ass in the game.  From what I know, he scores, fights, and loves speeding past the white house in his Lamborghini at 90 mph.  He does whatever he wants whenever he wants because he knows no one can stop him.  His serpent look paired with his Russian accent make him an intimidating figure that resembles a stereotypical evil movie character.

And I like it.  His swagger, his skill set, and his carelessness for his personal safety (90 mph in front on White House) is, for a lack of a better word, cool.

And although he was recently suspended 3 games because of this launching hit (below), I still like him.  Something about the star player in the NHL who doesn’t give a shit what people think, is appealing.  Would Lebron or Kevin Durant ever get their hands dirty and commit a flagrant foul that warrants a three game suspension? Never.

So I guess I’m like an immature high school girl when it comes to Ovechkin.  I like the popular bad boy that will end up in juvy.  Or in Ovechkin’s case, the popular bad boy that could end up dead (90 mph in front of White House).


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