Ed Reed and Ray Lewis are still two scary bastards

Ray Lewis, 16 years in the league. Ed Reed, 10 years. Together they create a defensive duo that is unmatched.

Patriots fans have been confident this week heading into the AFC Championship game against the Ravens on Sunday. And rightfully so. The Pats offense has been silly. In only his second year people are labeling Gronk as a Hall of Famer, Brady is looking to demoralize his opponent each week wanting to score 60 points a game, and the defense is..well, not brutal. And while all of this is going on for the Pats, Ed Reed severely sprained his ankle last week and Ray Lewis is still recovering from a regular season injury. And with the Patriots clicking and the Ravens defensive stars being banged up, Pats fans think this could be a cake walk.

And those fans are wrong. Last time I checked Ray Lewis and Ed Reed are still big, bad, and black. These guys have played with injuries that have been far worse than an ankle sprain and turf toe.

Just imagine the two toughest guys in your neighborhood.  For me, that would be the Catholic Irish and the quarter Spanish kid who lived in a predominately Jewish area.  Were they big?  No, but they played outside on Friday nights during Shabbat so I thought they were bad-asses.  Now just maximize that toughness by 11,000% and that makes up almost half of Reed’s and Lewis’ makeup.

Ok, bad example.  Maybe comparing an Irish kid and a quarter Spanish kid in a Jewish neighborhood isn’t the best comparison.  But what I’m trying to get at, is that these guys still have something left to give.  They know the clock is ticking on their careers and being one game away from the Superbowl will bring out the best in these two on Sunday.

I’m not saying the Ravens are going to completely stop the Patriots offense, but don’t be surprised if Reed and Lewis play out of their minds because they know it could be one of their last career playoff games.

By the way, if there is anybody who embodies what a scary black dude from Baltimore should look like, its Reed and Lewis.


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