Rondo almost snaps wrist in Celtics win over Raptors

Doc Rivers after Rondo's injury. You can bet the Bar Mitzvah money Doc had to change undi's after the game.

The Boston Celtics broke their five game losing streak last night with a 96-73 win over the Toronto Raptors. And not only was last night the Jam’s Promotional game, but Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo almost dislocated/broke his arm as well.  Hard to determine which was more depressing, but the only good thing on the Celtics team this year hit the floor hard after a third quarter flagrant foul.  Luckily Rondo’s injury was labeled as a “sore wrist” and he won’t miss much time.  You wouldn’t guess that after Rondo’s fall, because he laid motionless on the floor momentarily and then oddly enough got on his feet and started walking with a limp.  Paul Pierce approved.  

Hell of a night for the winners of the Jam Promo. Balcony seats AND a near dislocated wrist.


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