Goddammit Rondo…

I”m trying to stick with this Celtics team.  I really am.  Because if I stayed with some of the former Celtics teams that consisted of Milt Polacio and Ron Mercer, then I can be loyal to anything.  But a fedora hat?  Questionable.  Watching a team that consists of half of Del Bocca Vista is rough, but watching the young star point guard rock the gayest article of clothing in Michael Jackson’s closet is down right awful.  It’s not exactly making it easy for fans to root for this team.

Maybe I’m over reacting because I don’t want to revert back to the mediocre days of the Tony Battie era.  But maybe not.


2 thoughts on “Goddammit Rondo…

  1. CHart says:

    Moose, you know its coming. The Tony Battie era is in the not so distant future. Blow it up now, trade off the big pieces, get some good young talent with strong defensive skills and hope to land a big fish or two in free agency.

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