The Least Of The East Brings The B’s Back To Reality

This current road trip hasn’t gone swimmingly for Boston. With one shootout win against Florida, and losses to Carolina and Tampa Bay, the 14th and 15th place teams in the Eastern Conference, Boston needs to step their game up.

It’s tough to criticize a team that has played as well as the Bruins have thus far. Over the last few games, they just haven’t played the way that they have been for the majority of the season. Is that because they don’t have the “nose faced killah,”  Brad Marchand? I’m not quite sure. It’s not like they are getting blown out, but they are definitely missing something out there.

Last night, they faced the Tampa Bay Lightning. The Lightning were riding a 7-game losing streak.  Tim Thomas allowed 3 terrible goals. The first 2 were awful, just garbage goals. The game winner should never have gone in either. Thomas was off last night, no question, and the defense looked tired at times too. I know they were playing back to back games, but the schedule shouldn’t be an excuse.

Patrice Bergeron and Nathan Horton have been the bright spots on the road trip. Patrice Bergeron is just an all around player. He didn’t make the All-Star team, but Dennis Wideman did? That is just beyond me, nevertheless, you never have to question the effort you get from a guy like Bergeron. Horton seems to have woken up after Claude Julien called him out publicly. It’s a rare occurrence in hockey for players to be called out, but sometimes you have to light that fire. Consider it lit.

Is it time to start panicking? Good heavens no. The Bruins head to New Jersey Thursday. They have beaten New Jersey the last 2 times they played against them. Hopefully with some rest, and that kid with the nose back in the lineup, the Bruins can turn things around right quick.


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