Vince Carter is the saddest thing to watch in the NBA

Vinsanity.  The former nickname that Vince Carter was tagged by.

Watching the Celtics against the Mavericks Wednesday night, I noticed Vince Carter tugging his body up and down the court.  If I was born last week I would have thought that Carter was an NBA journey man who was slow, uninspired, and old.  Never would I have thought he was capable of doing stuff like this…

Or this…

Or, this…

And even in a Nets uniform, this..

It is beyond sad to watch.  Besides the Jeff Green heart related health problems, Vince Carter is the most depressing thing going in the NBA.  He is a complete non factor.  On  Wednesday night against the Celtics, he went 1-8 from the field with 4 points in 28 minutes.  Keyon Dooling is a better option than Vince right now.

His legs are completely gone, his off the dribble moves are non existent, and he’s put on a few pounds since his days in Toronto.  Since leaving Canada in 05′, he has been on four separate teams (Nets, Magic, Suns, Mavericks) and has seen his points per game go from over 25 per, to a career low 8.6 this year.

It’s never easy to see a superstar you grew up watching fall off the face of the Earth.  Hell, the Celtics are doing it as we speak.  It’s like watching your dog stop running after tennis balls.  You know the end is near but instead of killing it right there yourself, you watch it deteriorate for another year or two.  Truly horrible stuff.

And that’s where Vince Carter is at in his career.  On the verge of being murdered, but still has just enough juice left to stick around another year or two.

Now, you can see him play less than 30 minutes and pull his hamstring once or twice a game.  And if you’re lucky, maybe a few mid range jumpers that will rattle in.


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