Bud Selig gets a contract extension, he’s rich(er) bitch

Forbes – Allan “Bud” Selig received a two-year contract extension Thursday to remain commissioner of Major League Baseball through the 2014 season. The 77-year-old Selig vowed to retire when his current contract ended in December 2012, but few believed him. MLB’s owners voted 29-1 to extend his deal with outgoing San Diego Padres owner John Moores the one nay vote… Many have snickered at the former Milwaukee car salesman during his two decade run as commissioner. Baseball has been tainted under Selig’s watch by the steroid scandal, a cancelled World Series due to a player strike and an All-Star game tie which spanned the classic image of a bewildered Selig throwing up his hands. Yet for all of the goofs that have happened under Selig since he became acting commissioner in 1992 (the “acting” title was dropped in 1998), Selig has been worth his exorbitant compensation which is expected to hit $22 million under the new deal according to ESPN’s Buster Olney. Selig often talks about this being the “Golden Age” of baseball and if you look at numbers he might be right.

Wait, Bud Selig was a car salesman in Milwaukee? I guess you do learn something new everyday, but it makes complete sense. I honestly hate this old bag. Yes, during his stint as commissioner almost every MLB franchise has made a ton of money. But the game sells itself. Selig could sit in a nursing home all day and the league will still make a s-load of dough. I think if I work everyday until I am 80 I wont make a quarter the money this old bird will make while he is in his late 70s, so if you think I am being harsh on Selig just blame it on jealousy. At least I still have my hearing.


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