Make us laugh and win free Celtics tickets

Pretty simple idea we have going on today at the Jam. You make us laugh, we give you free Celtics tickets. Starting today, the funniest commenter in the comments section will receive free Celtics tickets for next week’s game against the Toronto Raptors. And the catch? Literally nothing idiots. Just comment on whatever post you like, and the best commenter will get two free tickets to the game. It’s so easy it’s almost criminal. This promotion ends Monday at midnight so get cracking.

Just leave your email under the comment so if you do end up winning we can contact you and work out the details.  Stay tuned with our Facebook page for details and updates.


15 thoughts on “Make us laugh and win free Celtics tickets

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ll take the tickets but only if Scal comes with me… and I’m not talking about the fat retarded guido that writes for the jam.

    1. Mr. MBA says:

      Congrats Anonymous aka JonesJr, you win a pair of tickets to the Celtics game tomorrow night. Mainly for your insults to Scal. Boom! Check your email

  2. Realist says:

    Make you laugh? The reason I come here is for YOU guys to make ME laugh.

    I live in Cali… just say I won and then just go yourselves….. how ’bout that?

    Way to make it fun for us out of state fans and website visitors, ….. dick.

  3. Realist says:

    OK, well how ’bout this….


    Yeah, I stole it.. wanna fight about it?

  4. CHart says:

    Cheese and rice, Moose! I’ve been nothing but funny for the past 6 months and I didn’t receive a single freebee..not even the free t-shirt that I was promised. I think that for my whole body of work I should get the tickets BUT, since the tickets are for a game that takes place on 1/18/12 and since I leave for Cali that morning I would not be able to attend the game anyway. So even though I undoubtedly made you piss your pants laughing on many occasions, I hereby withdraw myself from this sweepstakes. Much love to you and Scal.

    Aha! CHart does it again!!!

  5. Realist AKA Getzo says:

    Well MBA if you took my advice and say Realist won the tickets, then you and Scal can go together (there’s your love)…. sorry Moose, just trying to make your pal feel better.

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