Celtics lose in battle of old bastards

Unlike the Celtics last night, I will make this quick, fast paced, and white.

A few things that stood out in last night’s 90-85 loss against the Dallas Mavericks….

The Mikael Pietrus debut

Pietrus made his Celtics debut, logging 18 minutes while registering 5 points and 2 steals. The Amistad cast member reject said that he felt “great” and hopes to bring more offense to the bench.  By the way, did you know Matthew Mcconaughey was in Amistad?  Neither did I.

Rondo continues to stand out

Rondo played 38 minutes and had 24 points, 7 assists, 3 rebounds, 3 steals, while going 8-16 from the field and 8-12 from the line.  If Rondo wasn’t in the lineup last night, the Celtics would have lost by 70.

Celtics got Dirk’ed 

Dirk Nowitzki may have the ugliest game in the league (right in front of Paul Pierce) but he still provides a match-up nightmare for opposing teams.  With under ten seconds to go, Dirk drove by Garnett and threw up a prayer as he met Brandon Bass’ shoulder blade.  The ball shot straight up and didn’t touch the rim as it went through the hoop, and a pleased Dirk sat up on the parquet floor sticking his German tongue out.  If the Germans didn’t do enough already…

There was a heart-throb alert

Not so much Marchand.

(AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

3 thoughts on “Celtics lose in battle of old bastards

  1. Rusty says:

    Looks like the Starley Cup Champians finished up their GTL in time for the Celts game. I’m surprised though with all that axe body spray they were allowed to sit courtside…

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