Brandon Bass: The two hand slam man

Brandon Bass has already earned respect from the Celtics, their fans, and most opponents so far this season.  In his first year with the Celtics, Bass is averaging 12.9 points per game and is a reliable piece of offense for the C’s bench. And the majority of his offense has come from two handed dunks.

If you’ve watched every Celtics game this year, then you have probably seen Brandon Bass throw down. And almost 99% of the time he throws down, it’s with two hands. I’m not sure if Brandon is one of those guys who can’t jump off one foot and has to jump off two, but it’s becoming a signature dunk. It’s not nearly as creative as past signature dunks, but it’s become a staple in his game.  It’s simple, clean, and it makes a statement.  Kind of like my Lunch of the Day yesterday.  But it happens in every game.  A ferocious two handed jam whenever Bass is underneath the rim.

And it hasn’t been just this year either.  Bass has been doing this since his days with the Mavericks.


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