Lost Post from the Weekend: Stanley Cup Finals, Game 8

This weekend’s game was a wacky and wild one. The Bruins ended up losing 4-3, and I’m alright with it. They played hard, but they took too many penalties while the refs weren’t helping anyone either.

The 1st period took 3 hours, but it was worth it. The Vancouver cowards obviously decided to swarm Shawn Thornton, in a five on one scrum. However, they forgot who they were playing and were quickly rushed by Boston. If you watched the game, you saw one of the Sedin sisters involved in the scrum. Once Sedin saw the likes of Lucic, Chara, and Horton skating over, he hopped on the bench like a girl with his tail between his legs.

If the game didn’t have a penalty the Bruins would have won, but that wasn’t the case. Vancouver has a damn good power play, and they showcased that yesterday. You have to give them credit where credit is due, as much as it hurts to say it.

Quick notes

Love the rough stuff. The Bruins defend each other to the death. Vancouver was willing to go, albeit, they usually like to outnumber when it comes to a fight but they did answer the bell. Great to see Horton fight, it shows he’s feeling better and better. Wiese, or Weise, whatever the hell his name was, looked like a coward when Thornton and him were jawing and seemed ready to go. Campbell threw down as well, and Mcquaid was ready to beat some ass. Love the physical play from the this game.

Roberto Luongo is a coward. How, for the love of Jeff, does he not play in that game? Seriously, it’s just a shame. Every ounce of him should have wanted to come in here and shut us down. But no, he sat on the bench looking like the butler from Mr. Deeds.

Marchand and Seguin. These two kids did it again connecting on a beautiful goal. Marchand, later was kicked out for “clipping.” First of all, clipping? Wrong sport ref. Second of all, it was awesome. I’m alright with that play. It would have been nice to have him the rest of the game, but hey, sometimes peanuts, sometimes shells.

Thomas didn’t get much help. It’s tough to win a game when your constantly on the penalty kill. 5-3’s are tough to defend. He made some timely saves, but the defense was gassed having to play a lot of man down puck. Tim is still the best goalie in the world, no question.


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