Josh McDaniels returns to the Patriots

ESPN BostonWith offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien agreeing to become Penn State’s next head coach, New England now is expected to hire Rams offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels as an offensive assistant coach, according to an NFL source.

Bill O’Brien’s departure to Penn State could be one of the best things to happen to the Patriots’ coaching staff in quite some time. Over the years it seems like the organization goes backwards when it comes to their staff. It started with the “dream team” of Romeo and Weiss, they left and then one by one the coaches seemed to get less known and a bit more sketchy. Well now the Patriots get to bring one of the finer coaching talents in McDaniels back to New England, all thanks to Joe Paterno and that creep who should burn in hell, Jerry Sandusky. McDaniels will begin coaching on the sidelines as the Offensive Assistant Coach next week against either the Broncos or Steelers. Then next season he will serve as the Offensive Coordinator.

The only thing I can equate this to is when Toby left “The Office” to go to Costa Rica, or somewhere (doesn’t matter). Michael Scott hates Toby, somewhat to what I think is going on between Tom Brady and Bill O’Brien, and Michael ends up getting his lover as Toby’s replacement… and Tom will get his lover back in Josh McDaniels. A true love story.


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