Moose and WEEI Present the Pointless Story of the Week: Doug Fluties’ Nephew Saves a Life

WEEI Former Boston College football player Billy Flutie, who now works as a game operations assistant for the Eagles after graduating in 2010, delivered a huge assist to a lunchtime diner at the Applebee’s restaurant in Cleveland Circle. Flutie, nephew of BC legend Doug Flutie, applied the Heimlich maneuver to dislodge a piece of chicken from the throat of a choking patron, according to a press release from the school. “I’d really rather keep it low-key, to be honest,” Flutie told the Boston Herald, adding: “Something happened really quickly, I helped out and it was over.”

I’m going to be completely honest with you all, Moose sent me this as if it was the greatest story in the world. He clearly has no idea how many times I have saved somebody during a near-death experience. So you have a kid who is only semi notable because his uncle was a really short quarterback who had made one of the luckiest and greatest plays in sports history and played some ball in the NFL. And this guy, aka Doug Fluties’ nephew, performed the Heimlich on somebody who was choking and saved their life. I’d hope that the largest man in the room (guessing he is large due to the football stuff) would grow a pair and help somebody who is choking, if not you are a terrible person. Anyways, congrats to Billy Flutie, today you are half-relevant due to Moose and WEEI giving us our Pointless Story of the Week.


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