Lunch of the Day

For today’s Lunch of the Day we have a make your own taco bar. I elected with the much wiser, less painful choice of a soft shell taco rather than the hard. The roof of my mouth is sensitive lay off.

Not only did I choose the soft shell, but I ate food that will generate the most rancid burps for the rest of the afternoon. The ones where you are blowing them out the side of your mouth because you think you are being courteous. But in reality, you are creating a cloud of hell above your head that follows you around for the rest of the day. You keep burping and the cloud keeps getting bigger.

Well, I’m pretty much screwed the rest of the day. I’ll be burping up tear gas and trying to readjust my belt because I had to get a second plate (below). I have a fear of being hungry after lunch, so I need to pack my body to capacity any chance I get. Whatever disease is the opposite of anorexia, I have it.

3 thoughts on “Lunch of the Day

  1. Realist says:

    Well when it comes to Mexican, you’re not getting that out East. I had no idea about Mexican food while in Mass, but when I moved out it definitley helped the move. Carne Asada Burrtios possible 4 times a week.

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