Lost Post: Scal’s Pro Bowl Roster

The day the Pro Bowl selections were to be made, our great Scal decided to come up with a well thought out and researched list of projected picks. However the post was lost and Scal wouldn’t stop crying. Well today we found that post. So look, laugh, and criticize all of Scal’s hard work gone wrong.

The NFL Pro Bowl Rosters come out tonight, so I wanted to throw out some predictions, some bold moves, some replacements, and some fun with ya’ll. I have no clue who is in the lead voting-wise, so I am going based on what I have seen this year and how I feel fans would vote. I am not doing offensive lineman because no one wants to read about them. Sorry fat guys.


Quarterbacks (3)
1. Tom Brady
2. Ben Roethlisberger
3. Tim Tebow
Brady ends up playing in the Super Bowl so he needs a replacement. Roethlisberger does not play because of a bum leg. The three QB’s in the Pro Bowl will be Tim Tebow (BOLD MOVE) as your starter and the back ups will be Andy Dalton and Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Running Backs (3)
1. Arian Foster
2. Ray Rice
3. Maurice Jones-Drew
Arian Foster does not play due to injury and lack of excitement in the Pro Bowl, Ray Rice starts, MJD as back-up, and Willis McGahee takes the final spot, if one of them do not go, Reggie Bush fills in as a late add-on.

Wide Receiver (4)
1. Wes Welker
2. Mike Wallace
3. Brandon Marshal
4. Vincent Jackson
Welker does not play because of Super Bowl, Wallace gets hurt in AFC Championship by a hit from James Ihedigbo (who also gets hurt). Brandon Marshall and Vincent Jackson start, Dwayne Bowe and AJ Green take their spots respectively.

Fullback (1)
1. Vonta Leach
Watched him play last week, guys an animal

Tight End (2)
1. Rob Gronkowski
2. Dustin Keller
Gronk is out because of the Bowl, Keller takes his place because the next choice would most likely be Aaron Hernandez.

Defensive End (2)
1. Haloti Ngata
2. Richard Seymour
Seymour declines the invite because he can, Elvis Dumerville takes his spot.

Defensive Tackle (2)
1. Vince WIlfork
2. Phil Taylor
Wilfork doesn’t play, Taylor starts and Seymour makes a surprise decision to start last minute at D Tackle. Crazy

Middle Linebacker (1)
1. Ray Lewis
Ray doesnt play because he has been to enough of these, Pat Angerer from the Colts takes over (guy is actually top 5 in NFL in tackles this year)

Outside Linebacker (2)
1. Von Miller
2. Tamba Hali
They both play because this is their first Pro Bowl. Terrell Suggs gets snubbed.

Cornerbacks (2)
1. Darrelle Revis
2. Kyle Arrington
Arrington does not play because of the Super Bowl and because he is amazed he made the Pro Bowl, Jonathan Joseph takes over

Safeties (2)
1. Ed Reed
2. Troy Polamalu
Pretty standard here, they both play.


Quarterbacks (3)
1. Aaron Rodgers
2. Drew Brees
3. Eli Manning
Rodgers starts, Brees cannot play because he is in the Super Bowl against Brady. Cam Newton takes his spot.

Running Backs (3)
1. LeSean McCoy
2. Michael Turner
3. Adrian Peterson
Peterson does not play because he is horribly mangled, Frank Gore takes his spot

Wide Receivers (4)
1. Victor Cruz
2. Larry Fitzgerald
3. Steve Smith
4. Calvin Johnson
They all play because they are all very respectful gentleman and respect the game. Cruz wins MVP.

Fullback (1)
1. John Kuhn
Should be the only guy even in the running for this position

Tight Ends (2)
1. Jimmy Graham
2. Jermichael Finley
Graham is out because of SB duties, Finley starts and Graham is replaced by old faithful Tony Gonzalez.

Defensive Ends (2)
1. Ndamukong Suh
2. Jared Allen
Suh does not play because he kills someone before the Pro Bowl, Jason Pierre-Paul takes his place

Defensive Tackle (2)
1. Justin Smith
2. Justin Tuck
Both guys play and have a wonderful time

Middle Linebacker (1)
1. London Fletcher
He plays the entire game without taking a break, records 25 tackles and loses MVP by one vote to Victor Cruz.

Outside Linebackers (2)
1. DeMarcus Ware
2. Aldon Smith
Smith plays because it is his first PB and he is a rookie, Ware opts out being replaced by Brian Orakpo who opts out and is replaced by teammate Ryan Kerrigan.

Cornerbacks (2)
1. Charles Woodson
2. Asante Samuel
Samuel doesnt play because he was busy and didnt have a very good year, Carlos Rogers who had a very good year takes his spot.

Safeties (2)
1. Laron Landry
2. Antrel Rolle
They both get voted in because people know who they are, but Dashon Goldson takes one of their spots because he is one of the few NFC Safeties who deserves a spot on this team.


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