Tommy Heinsohn’s multiple tries at Greg Stiemsma’s name

The one bright spot for the Celtics last night (figuratively and literally) was rookie center Greg Stiemsma who was filling in for injured reserve Chris Wilcox.  Stiemsma was the first big guy off the bench subbing in for Jermaine O’Neal who clearly is in horrendous shape despite the praise Doc Rivers was giving him in preseason.  And the young gun Stiemsma delivered.  Well, as much as you can deliver in a 20 point blow out loss to a third tier team.  Stiemsma recorded 6 blocks in his rookie debut, but that wasn’t the biggest story last night.

Celtics color commentator Tommy Heinsohn was thrilled to see Stiemsma excel in the game. And each time Stiemsma was on the floor, Tommy would try to break down his game and compliment him. Ya so? Well, since Tommy’s health is diminishing by the hour and his mind flicks on and off in the middle of sentences, his pronunciation of young Greg’s name was beyond butchered every time. For example:

– There is Steeshma again with the block!

– Steamahs has to learn how to rotate faster on defense

– The thing about Steasmas is that he is quick, and has good hands

– Ahh the kid Stima again!

– Here comes Steeshmash in the game for Jermaine..

There was another moment when Tommy pretty much gave up on Stiemsma’s name and called him the “player who blocked the shot”.  As much as I want to point and laugh at Tommy, we here at the Jam f’ed up Stiemsma’s name last night too after showing some first quarter optimism. ..


Steisma and Bass, not hating it


Steisma owns Grizzly Adams aka Chris Kamen



So hopefully this kid comes up with a nickname or Tommy is going to have a stroke saying Stiemsma thirty times a game.


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