Celtics lose to Tupac’s reincarnation despite having Ivan Drago in the rotation

A New Yorkers take on Boston Sports..

(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

So last night’s game was, well, less than stellar for the Celts. They traveled down to the big easy seeking out their first win, hoping to right the ship for the squad.  And instead, they dropped a dukie in their pants as if they were face to face in a dark ally with Khloe Kardashian. Its was ugly, to say the least.

But a few things that came to mind when watching this game will serve as the highlights of this post:

Jarrett Jack

Does anyone else feel like Jack looks exactly like the actor who played Tupac in the all time classic and Biggie homage movie “Notorious,” or am I alone on an island on this one? Any ways, Jarrett Jack actually balled out last night. I remember this guy in college, but I feel like he kind of fell off when he was in Toronto and Indiana. Meanwhile, he comes out last night and plays like Jordan in his prime walking into a Wyoming YMCA playing some pick up basketball with the locals. Bottom line, he’s no Chris Paul, but Jarrett Jack ain’t THAAAAT bad.


These back to back games may be the death of the Celtics, literally. I’ve heard commentators speculate about how this shortened, condensed Campbell soup-styled season is going to hurt older teams, but I didn’t think it would happen right away. I get being 20-30 games deep and wanting a break because of old legs, but dropping game three of the seasons against a New Orleans team that just lost its best player to Clippers? C’mon son.

Greg Stiemsma

This Guy (a.k.a. Mr. “I must break you” Ivan Drago”) is in your game time rotation. Cool, he blocked 6 shots in 20 minutes, but if you wanted a white guy to galvanize the Irish folks of Boston, why in the snuffaluffagus did you get rid of Scal? Its like being in the lunch room when you’re in 3rd grade and trading your homemade PP&J to the smelly kid (who, alphabetically was forced to sit next to you) for his hot lunch that was slapped together by the hairy lunch lady in the kitchen with a rusty mole on her left knuckle. Just not a good business move.

I know it’s no where near the end of the Celtics, but for now, it’s gone just about as bad as it could have.


One thought on “Celtics lose to Tupac’s reincarnation despite having Ivan Drago in the rotation

  1. Anonymous says:

    Jermaine needs to take a seat or get in shape. Steisma is clearly the better option than a broken down Jermaine O’Neal running along side a broken down Kevin Gargnett

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