Bruins Look to Continue Their Dominance

20-2-1. That’s the record the B’s are sporting in their last 23 games. Are the Bruins the best team in the NHL right now? You better believe it.  Am I biased? Horribly. ESPN has them ranked #1 in the latest power rankings, so stuff that in your shitty stocking all other NHL teams.

The Bruins had a short rest, some time off to recharge the batteries, drink some beers, and score with chicks. Now it’s back to work. Their next victim, the Phoenix Coyotes. Nothing says hockey more than Arizona, and the Phoenix Coyotes.

Time off:

Time off can be good. However, it can also be bad. When you’re playing hot, you want to keep playing. Hopefully, the time off for Christmas won’t slow them down at all. They have to have a good start, come out physical and beat the bag out of Phoenix early.

Benoit friggin’ Pouliot:

This guy has played hockey like it’s his job. Playing alongside Rich Peverley and Chris Kelly has made him so much better than anyone could have expected. Does he fall down on every shift? You bet he does. Can he score goals for days? You be he can. Let’s see if he can stay on the hot streak.

Timmy and Tuukka:

The best goalie combo in the league, by far. A lot of people can’t even name two goalies on their favorite teams. In Boston, these 2 guys are at the top of the stat sheet in many goalie categories. I like the time they are giving each goalie. It’s nice to be able to have the luxury to sit the top guy and have the 2nd guy come in and play just as well.

Young Guns:

Brad Marchand, Tyler Seguin and Patrice Bergeron. Marchand, fresh off his holiday hat-trick, will be looking to keep lighting the lamp. This line has been one of the best, not only on the Bruins, but in the NHL. As long as these kids stay healthy, there is nothing they can’t do. Speed, hands, talent. It’s one badass recipe for success.


Bruins come out in style and take this one 5-2. Look for Milan Lucic to pop one home. Also, Chara will eat someone. Will Pouliot score? Maybe, just maybe. The young guns line will also add to the score sheet.


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