The greatest regular season of all time for a quarterback belongs to…..

As I was sitting in my one bedroom, 0 bath, 80sq. foot studio apartment (my bedroom is in my parents house) watching Drew Brees break Dan Marino’s passing yards record last night, I started to think “Is this the best season of all time”? I thought back and forth and realized we just witnessed what could have been the best season ever four years ago when Brady broke the touchdown passes record. But Aaron Rodgers is also having what some have considered the best year of all time. So I did some research, put the numbers together, and want the Jammers to decide which season is best…..

Dan Marino 1984 season: 5,084 yards 48 Touchdowns 17 Interceptions 64 completion % 109 QB Rating

Tom Brady 2007 season: 4,806 yards 50 Touchdowns 8 Interceptions 69 completion % 117 QB Rating

Aaron Rodgers
(estimated) 2011 season 4,900 yards 48 Touchdowns 7 Interceptions 69 completion % 121 QB Rating

Drew Brees
(estimated) 2011 season 5,250 yards 43 Touchdowns 14 Interceptions 70 completion % 109 QB Rating

Tom Brady
(estimated) 2011 season 5,100 yards 39 Touchdowns 12 Interceptions 66 completion % 106 QB Rating

Argument For…
Tom Brady (2007):
The argument for Brady is simple.  Most touchdown passes in one season (broke Peyton Manning’s record of 49), was first QB in NFL to throw for 4800 yards since Kurt Warner in 2001, touchdown to interception ratio was over 5:1, he won the NFL MVP and finished with a 16-0 perfect regular season, led the league in touchdown passes, passing yards, yards per game, quarterback rating, completion percentage, 20+ yard completions, 1st downs, and average completions. The only other full-time starter who had less interceptions that year was Donovan McNabb (don’t ask me how). All in all it was pretty much a clean sweep in every category that year for TB12. If David Tyree was dead than this would have been the best season of all time.  And how does the immobile drunk Eli Manning escape that sack?  The guy can barely move (obviously still a little bitter)

Aaron Rodgers:
This has widely been considered by many ESPN and NFL Network analysts as the best season of all time by a quarterback. His team was undefeated until Romeo and the boys came through and spoiled that idea. Nonetheless, the fist pump champ and inevitable MVP has put up some stellar numbers that rival Tom Brady’s season of 07′.  He leads the league in QB Rating, touchdown passes, second in least amount of interceptions thrown (behind Alex Smith who has thrown 100 fewer balls), and average completion. He has led the Pack to a number one seed with home field advantage at one of the toughest places to play in the NFL, and oh yea they won the Super Bowl last year too.

Drew Brees:
If it wasn’t for Aaron Rodgers this year then Drew Brees would be the clear cut number one choice for MVP. He leads the league in passing yards, first downs, average yards per game, completions, completion percentage, attempts, and attempts per game. There are only a few categories that Brees is not first in and they are filled by either Rodgers or Brady. We all watched last night as Brees surpassed Dan Marino’s record of passing yards in a season that stood tall for over 25 years. And Brees is now the only quarterback ever to throw for 5,000 yards twice (only one QB ever has even done in once – until of course Brady hits it next weekend). He has spread the ball out to so many different receivers on his way to another playoff spot and a good chance of facing Rodgers in the NFC Championship.

Tom Brady (present):
Some people at the Jam headquarters have called me a homer for putting Brady of 2011 in this category, but hell if it weren’t for Rodgers or Brees than he would win this years MVP. He leads the league in first down percentage, tied for touchdown pass yardage (99 with Eli Manning), 20+ yard passes, and then is either 2nd or 3rd in all the other major categories. He has led a team whose defense is abysmal to a 12-3 record with a bye in the playoffs. He will most likely end up with over 5,000 yards passing this season and will go down as having two of the top 10 best passing seasons of all time.

Dan Marino:
The man whose records are being broken left and right had himself the best season of all time about 20 years ago. Then these three studs came along and started putting that season to the test. In 1984 when Marino set a few different NFL records, he led the league in passing yards, touchdowns, QB Rating, completions, attempts, average yards per pass, and passing yards per game, but just could not bring that Super Bowl home to Miami. That season was revolutionary for the game of football and changed how the game is played 27 years later. That was by far the best season ever, but since then three men have challenged that and now the topic is up for debate.

Tough to decipher between these five seasons as to which is the best. It all depends on how you look at it and weigh the different areas. Do you believe TD passes mean more than yards?  Or is completion percentage a big factor in your book?  Who knows. It’s all up to you people, let me know what you think.


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