Lunch of the Day

Today’s’ Lunch of the Day is a not-so-delicious assortment of Cocoa Krispies and some leftover chicken alfredo pizza. As you can see from the photo, the pizza stood no chance, but the person who devoured this terrible meal is not a fan of crust or broccoli. Why crust and broccoli I asked? The crust packs all the carbs and the broccoli is just gross, according to the eater. The three slices of pizza are pretty normal around here at the ‘Jam, but the Cocoa Krispies are not exactly regular at lunch. When asked why the CKs, as we call them on the streets, the nosher noted it was for the Vitamin D. This has to be the worst meal I have ever seen eaten by somebody who is so conscious of their vitamins and nutrients.


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