Meet the Celtics newest 450 pound man: Michael Sweetney

If you watched the Celtics preseason game last night against the Toronto Raptors, then you might have noticed the massive shadow that was casted over the Garden parquet floor during the fourth quarter. And that blimp like shadow was produced by Celtics forward Michael Sweetney.

Sweetney began his NBA career with the NY Knicks in 2004, posting his best numbers as a pro his rookie year by averaging 8.4 points a game. The last time he made an NBA roster was in 2007 with the Chicago Bulls, when his playing time decreased and his weight ballooned well over 400 pounds.

(Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images)

Now, Sweetney is still trying to make an NBA roster. The Celtics have had him in preseason camp the last few years, and Sweetney has yet to make the team. And this year probably won’t be any different. Although the C’s do need one or two more guys to fill out the roster, they have no intention of taking on Sweetney. He’s almost a preseason publicity stunt for them.

Because people love the fat guy. Especially a 6’8 450 pound fat guy. When he scored his only two points of the game last night, the Garden crowd lost it. It was bedlam. Well, as much noise as you would expect from an NBA preseason game in the fourth quarter.

But what is most shocking about Sweetney’s NBA journey is that no matter what team he’s been on in the past, his listed roster weight is about 150 pounds off. According to almost all sources out there, Sweetney only weighs in at 295 pounds. Listen, I’m not trying to put down the guy, but Big Baby was listed at 295 last year too. If you compare the two guys, Sweetney has at-least 100 pounds on Davis. The guy is just an absolute load and if he somehow makes the Celtics team, his true weight should be plastered in the game day programs for the world to see.

Because he is beloved by the fans now, and if the truth leaks out about his real size he will be on the same level as Scal for fan favorites. So if Sweetney does make this team, you can bet the Bar Mitzvah money that he will gain a massive following. Until then, keep doing what you do Michael.


4 thoughts on “Meet the Celtics newest 450 pound man: Michael Sweetney

  1. CHart says:

    I’d sign him if he was 7’0 and 450lbs….but 6’8″ just doesn’t cut it. This is the typical high school story…coach asks a kid to try out just because he’s huge….doesn’t mean he’s got any ability.

    1. rondotripledouble says:

      Yeah at G-town he was the man. Just to bad he loves food more than basketball…he actually had some ability and talent CHart. it’s cool though…

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