Wes Welker’s hair hasn’t been as successful as he’s been over the years

Wes Welker is currently proving that he is like any other man in his 30’s. Despite his freakish athletic ability for a 5’8 (on paper) white wide receiver, Welker ages just like the rest of us sad, depressed, overweight idiots. Most notably, through his hair.

When Welker first started out in the league for the San Diego Chargers, he had a young curios face with a head full of thick hair. And as the years went on, Welker became more and more successful at his position. Having multiple 100 catch seasons and being Tom Brady’s favorite target has made him an elite receiver in this league. But as he gained success on the field, his mortality presented itself on top of his head. Through his hair. It started to thin and fade and now is on schedule for a full-blown razor shave in two years. It never helps either when you sit next to Tom Brady who grows out his hair to his shoulders every other year, putting it on full display in TV commercials.

But what does this tell us about Wes? That he’s a normal white guy, just like the rest of us. He will get just as ugly as we plan to be.

Ah, it’s refreshing to see. You’re just like the rest of us Wes. Except for the massive bank account, athleticism, and female hookup history – just like the rest of us.


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