So long Peja

Unfortunately we have to wave goodbye to one of my favorite NBA players of all time. Peja Stojakovic has decided to hang it up after 13 solid years in the League. Peja called it quits after finishing his career with a ring from the Dallas Mavericks last year.

Peja ends his illustrious shooting career as the 4th all time 3pt field goal shooter. He will be remembered for his sweet stroke and overall kindness. Peja’s career numbers are as follows:

17 Points Per Game
1,760 3 Point FG’s
45% FG Percentage
3 NBA All-Star Appearances

The Serbian prince was quoted by ESPN as saying “”When you start competing against your body more than you’re preparing for the actual game,” said Stojakovic, “it’s a wakeup call.” This beautiful European who was drafted 14th overall by the Kings in 1996, has walked away from the game a champion, and will forever hold a piece in my heart. God speed Peja.


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