Introducing the grossest food label of all time

So I’m at the Jam headquarters ready to make an epic “Lunch of the Day” when I see a new condiment on the fridge door. Sick of the usual yellow mustard routine, I curiously picked up the new white container and slowly read out loud “Hot and Chunky Horseradish Sauce”. I immediately dropped the squeeze bottle to the floor like a red-hot iron and proceeded to shuffle through the office fridge for a different condiment. Still, I couldn’t erase the word “chunky” from my mind. I’ve never seen or heard of a “chunky” horseradish sauce before. Never mind a “chunky” horseradish sauce in a squeeze bottle.

Besides the ever popular Mayo, this label might take the cake for grossest condiment label in the history of man. I don’t know how it got in the office fridge or who might have purchased it, but I had to turn the bottle around on the door just so I won’t see the label in the near future.

The staff will be individually questioned later as to who bought it, and holiday bonuses will be cut if no one comes clean.  I’ve never been more serious about anything in my entire life.


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