Lunch of the Day

Today’s Lunch of the Day was sent in by a Jam reader who wrote “Jews cook like monsters” in the subject line. And right now, after writing that subject line hundreds of times on my notepad like a 3rd grader discovering cursive for the first time and writes non stop on her binder, I still don’t have a clue what it means. Did he mean they cook like a complete monster in the kitchen? Just throwing pieces of torn lettuce all over the place, knocking over pans, and smashing glasses over their foreheads? Or did he mean they cook like they aren’t of the human race and make wood and raw fish sandwiches.

It’s a strange subject line, especially when the sender doesn’t clarify. But this lunch looks good I guess. A lot of meat and a lot of stuff going on in between the bread. Very “monster” like I suppose…


3 thoughts on “Lunch of the Day

  1. Ana says:

    I hate to think this, but the way the team is playing now, they might have been sufnerifg Ryder disease or a form of it. At the exit interviews last Spring, Ryder admitted that he just couldn’t get up for regular season games whereas playoffs those he could get motivated for. And if you look at the Bruins this season with the exception of Detroit, they have been up for nearly all of their games against the league’s elite teams and laid eggs against the weaker teams.

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