Former Bruins Coach Mike Milbury charged with assault and battery on 12 year old

Former Bruins [team stats] great Mike Milbury has been charged by Brookline police with accosting a pee-wee hockey player a week ago and now he must report to court to answer to the charges.

Police today said they have charged Milbury with assault and battery on a child, threats to commit a crime and disorderly conduct in connection with his alleged verbal and physical attack on a 12-year-old boy during a pee-wee exhibition hockey game last Friday night at the town-owned Larz Andersen Rink in Brookline…

The incident allegedly occurred at the end of the Winter Classic between the Boch Blazers for whom Milbury coaches and his son plays forward vs. the Boston Junior Black Hawks. It is alleged that after Milbury’s son and a player for the Black Hawks got into a scrape on the ice, Milbury charged out onto the rink and verbally berated and grabbed and shook the 12-year-old opposing player. Boston Herald

The motherly instinct of protecting your cub gets a father in trouble 100% of the time. If a mother did this, I doubt any charges would be brought up at all. But since the former bad ass Bruin shakes a youngster uncontrollably/violently, everyone makes a big stink about it. That will teach that kid to never fight a Milbury boy again.

By the way to all the idiots who can’t interpret my tone, I am against child abuse.


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