Crazy Stat of the Day: Wes Welker is way better than Troy Brown

@PatsReporter: Troy Brown has 6366 receiving yards in 13 seasons. Wes Welker has 5875 in 4 seasons with the Patriots.

As great as Troy Brown was, Wes Welker has absolutely obliterated him statistically. Which is almost depressing in a way because Troy Brown was incredible. He was the Patriot everyone grew up with and now Welker is blasting him in receptions, TD’s, and yards on the stat sheet. I almost wish I never saw this, because before I thought Troy Brown was head and shoulders above current Pats receivers. But clearly, he isn’t. Gronk and Welker will both pass him in the record books and poor Troy will slowly be forgotten as time passes. Poor bastard.


7 thoughts on “Crazy Stat of the Day: Wes Welker is way better than Troy Brown

  1. Realist says:

    Real fans won’t forget he was drafted in the 8th round(does that exist anymore. Made his way onto a starting role…. was a PR, WR, DB, and a fourth string QB…. no telling what his numbers would have been had he played with TB in his prime. TB still says he wishes he could a Troy Brown and David Patten on his team.

    Real fans know who troy brown is… I dunno about you though.

  2. Realist says:

    Yea, you’re right. I just hope they can re-up Hernandez as well… that’s a great duo… and I hope they sign a 6’3 225 – WR with 4.4 speed in the draft…

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