Tebow Countdown: 4 days…

Four days until the Pats enter Denver. A place crazed and obsessed over their quarterback who is over achieving more than the no talent ass Carson Daly. Denver is wrapped in Tebow. Hell, the entire league is wrapped up in Tebow. An over the top religious QB who coasts through three quarters and then makes a few plays here and there to put his team in a position to win games.

Tebow is THE guy in the NFL this year. Like or not, he dominates every conversation that involves football. Because fans are taking an extreme angle with Tebow. You either defend him to death because of his unconventional playing style or you bash him to death because of his unconventional playing style. There isn’t a middle ground opinion with this guy. The more he wins, the more hate and love he receives.

And come Sunday, Tebow will face off against Brady in a game that will receive TV rankings that will rival the season finale of “The Biggest Loser” (that means high ratings). And if somehow Tebow keeps this game close expect complete pandemonium from the media and fans, absolutely gushing over this guy.

Forgive me if this sounds obvious and repetitive, but I’m just warning and preparing Pats fans for the absolute worst case scenario. If Tebow (gulp) beats the Pats, a mass religious following for Tebow will occur.  I’m talking something worse than Scientology.


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