Rondo was smashing TV screens during the Heat Playoff series last year

Think back to last May, when the Boston Celtics and the “Big Four” were going up against the superteam Miami Heat in the second round of the playoffs.

In what was a mostly forgettable series from a Celtics perspective, there was essentially one lasting memory — that of Rajon Rondo appearing to gruesomely dislocate his left elbow, only to return later in the game and help lead the Celtics to a win, essentially with one arm.

While that game was unforgettable, it was a video session that took place between Games 2 and 3 that may have been on the mind of Danny Ainge when he was reportedly shopping Rondo this offseason.

The Boston Herald’s Steve Bulpett reports that Rondo lost his temper in a film session after Game 2.

“Rondo’s errors were being pointed out when he arose and began discussing the mistakes of his teammates. Loudly. Using harsh language,” Bulpett wrote. “Coach Doc Rivers got up and fired back, and Rondo threw a bottle that shattered the video screen. He bolted from the practice facility and was prevented from returning when he tried later.”

“I went home that night and thought about my actions,” Rondo told the Herald. “I talked to [Kevin Garnett], and I came back the next day and apologized to the team.” NESN

And you want to be my latex salesman….

Players losing their cool and blowing up behind closed doors is a pretty normal event in professional sports. Throwing chairs, flipping the buffet table, and losing it on news reporters have all happened before for the pissed off pro. But, shattering a video screen in the middle of a playoff series film sesh because coach said you need to execute a play better is kind of unacceptable. Because not only did the team have to switch rooms to watch film because their screen was shattered into a million pieces, but the whole thing was a tad bit of an over reaction.

Danny Ainge’s reason for wanting to trade Rondo is becoming clearer by the day. Maybe some of this rage was left over from the Perk deal. Actually, I can bet my Bar Mitzvah money some of this rage was left over from the Perk deal. And I can only imagine the type of fits Rondo will have this year after being put up on the trading board. Because therapy and booze can only help heal a man so much.


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