Does Shoppach signing finally eliminate Jason Varitek?

So in case you haven’t heard, the Boston Red Sox have signed Tampa Bay Rays and former Red Sox catcher Kelly Shoppach to a one year deal worth right around one million dollars. With Saltalamacchia solidifying his spot as the teams number one catcher, and the younger Shoppach most likely being his back up, does this ultimately lead to Varitek’s demise?

Yes, yes it does. Finally. I couldn’t wait for that C to be off his chest. Not because I don’t think he was a good captain, but because I think it’s stupid that a baseball players has a C on his jersey. Its a hockey thing, everyone knows that. No one else does it, so why did we do it, it looks dumb. Other than that, Varitek is washed up. Here are his Average numbers over the last 5 years:

.227 Batting Average
12.4 Home Runs
43 RBI

But wait a minute, here are Shoppach’s:

.222 Batting Average
11.2 Home Runs
33 RBI

So realistically what are we getting back in Shoppach? 96 games played vs 82 games played average over the last 5 years. Which number you think belongs with Varitek? It’s gotta be the 82 right, guy never plays. Wrong. The 39 year old Varitek has played more games over the last 5 years than the only 31 year old Shoppach. So maybe the grass isn’t always greener. Maybe what we have for a back up is fine and we could have used that extra¬† million to throw at a relief pitcher that ends up having a solid season out of the pen. Who knows. All this means is that Varitek’s tenure as a Red Sox catcher is most likely over. Godspeed Tek.


One thought on “Does Shoppach signing finally eliminate Jason Varitek?

  1. CHart says:

    Scal they put the C on his jersey just to make people want to buy it. The Sox ownership is all about marketability and making that dollar. I agree with you though, the C looked ridiculous. I’m hoping Shoppach plays well against lefties…that’s all he can bring to the table.

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