So Ron Artest was really serious about that whole name change thing huh

When Artest initially changed his name to “Metta World Peace” earlier this year, everybody knew it was a beyond bizarre thing to do. But when Artest put on his Lakers jersey for the first time yesterday with his new name spread across the back, his stupid name change was on display. The name change itself was strange, but to actually see it for the first time puts it in perspective with how shocking of a scene it actually is. Is that really going to be on his back the entire season? Are the announcers going to scream “World Peace for threeeeee!!!!” during games?

I understand freedom of speech and that one can choose his or her own name yada yada, but there has to be some restrictions. Because idiots like Artest are abusing the hell out of this privilege and now want everyone to call them by their new spiritual name they discovered.

By the way, what’s a nickname for Metta World Peace anyways? Mett? WP?

ARTEST makes Rod Smart look like an intellectual.


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