Trading a guy with a broken neck gets you this in the NBA…

Trading players in the NBA is a difficult task for any GM. But trading away a player with a broken spinal cord to receive two solid players in return the following year essentially, is borderline genius. The Boston Celtics acquired shooting guard Keyon Dooling yesterday, and plan on adding familiar face Marquis Daniels today.

Daniels, literally broke his neck last year in a regular season game with the Celtics (below). And at the trade deadline, Danny Ainge made a seemingly heartless move by trading Daniels’ paralyzed body in a box to Sacramento. Clearly Daniels didn’t play last year for the Kings, and this summer he became free on the market once again. And because Daniels freed up a roster spot last year, thus making roster room available for Dooling and is now able to wiggle his toes and fingers on a consistent basis, the Celtics plan on signing Daniels for a reasonable price too.

So whats the lesson today kids? If you are a GM, always trade away the guy with the broken neck, because there is a small chance you could get back more in return. Not always, not even half of the time actually, but like 3% of the time it might work out.


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