Ben Roethlisburger’s leg wasn’t horribly twisted enough to sideline him last night (video)

The stars were starting to align for the Patriots and their playoff picture. To begin the season, Peyton Manninng was placed on IR with a serious neck injury. Just a few weeks ago, Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub was placed on IR with a season ending foot injury. And last night after seeing Roethlisburger get his leg and ankle twisted in five different directions, the Patriots playoff match-ups suddenly started to look like a cake walk.


Until somehow, Roethlisburger hobbled back onto the field to finish off the lowly Browns. For all the horrible things this guy has done in the past – between the raping, the sexual assaulting, and the drinking – the only reason people may tip their hat towards him is because he is tough. Although nothing did break during his injury last night, shit did get stretched. I’m sure his leg and ankle are filled with sprained joints and bruised muscles this morning.

But if his leg or ankle was twisted one more inch in an opposite direction, there isn’t any doubt the Patriots would have coasted to the Superbowl this year.


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