Matthew Barnaby joins elite list of ESPN analysts that royally screwed up

Matthew Barnaby adds to the growing list of ESPN analysts that have been arrested, fired, and caught screwing up in the public eye.  Barnaby was arrested for DWI at around 3:00 AM Monday morning when someone noticed a damaged Porsche driving on three tires.  Barnaby failed multiple field sobriety tests and was charged with driving while intoxicated.  Barnaby’s contract with ESPN was soon terminated shortly after the incident, and put him in good company with analysts that have been fired in the past because they loved to party and grope women.  What happens when you give writers and former athletes millions to talk about sports?  A collection of very odd arrests revolving around sex, booze, and drugs.  Take a look:

Jeremy Green –

Arrested for first-degree possession of child pornography, possession of narcotics, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Getting high and horny off of illegal porn isn’t every guys casual Friday night at home, but for Green it was almost the same as watching the complete lineup of TGIF.  But of course, without the illegal porn.

Steve Philips

 Steve Phillips was put on the chopping block after revealing he had an affair with 22-year-old ESPN production assistant Brooke Hundley, who accused Phillips of sexual harassment. Phillips was fired in October and Hundley sued ESPN for back compensation.

Hundley said that when she went to her supervisors regarding Phillips, she was reportedly told to “suck it up.”

This crime wouldn’t be as horrible if the affair was committed with a passable looking woman.  Because Steve Philips is a successful and handsome guy.  There had to be a willing and ready girl for Steve that was better than this right?  Right?

Sean Salisbury –

It was reported in early 2009 that Salisbury used his cell phone to take a picture of his private parts and went around an ESPN function and showed the picture to his female co-workers.

Sean Salisbury A.K.A John Clayton’s budding rival on NFL Live is exactly what he was perceived to be on television.  A loud, obvious drinker that reminded everybody of the inappropriate Todd Packer.

Harold Reynolds –

Harold Reynolds was dismissed in 2006 after a female co-worker complained about the way H.R. hugged her while he took her out for lunch.

By far the most disappointing perpetrator on this list.  Because everyone thought Harold Reynolds was a kind, genuine, nice guy.  But apparently he was a little too nice.  Maybe those extra long hugs were just his way of greeting people.  Or maybe the way he was brought up? I’m trying to salvage any type of pureness from this, but who hugs at lunch?

Jay Crawford/Woody Paige –

In the summer of 2007, former ESPN employee Rita Ragone sued ESPN for the conduct of ESPN “First Take” anchor Jay Crawford and contributor Woody Paige, who were both accused of groping her and demanding lap dances.

I’m shocked that this is Woody Paige’s only mishap during his time at ESPN.  Because demanding lap dances from a co-worker sounds like its right up Woody’s ally.  I’m disappointed the report didn’t state how belligerently drunk Woody was, because I can bet my Bar Mitzvah money he was annihilated.

Jay Marrioti –

According to a report from the Los Angeles Times, Mariotti was charged with three felony counts for stalking, domestic violence and assault, after he reportedly accosted an ex-girlfriend outside a Los Angeles area restaurant.

I don’t think there was a sad soul in the universe when word got out that Marrioti was arrested on multiple counts of multiple crimes.  The guy is hands down the most insufferable analyst in the biz.  Congratulations though Jay, you made quite an interesting debate topic for your colleagues on “Around the Horn”.

Jalen Rose –

Drunk driving

Pretty boring stuff.  Jalen was an alright analyst who always looked like he was laughing at something when he was talking.  Kind of awkward when he had to break tragic news.


4 thoughts on “Matthew Barnaby joins elite list of ESPN analysts that royally screwed up

  1. CHart says:

    When the personnel get bigger than the show they think they can do anything they want. Unfortunately its happening a lot lately.

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