Bruins Down The Pittsburgh Crosby’s

(Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images)

It was an Eastern Conference showdown last night in Pittsburgh. The top 2 teams in the East skated up and down the ice like they were playing some kind of game, a man’s game, which proved the Bruins ARE more superior than the wannabe black and gold Penguins. The Bruins won by 2, but it could have been so much more. They hit the pipe about 4 times. Offense for days.

Quick notes

Penalty Kill: The P.K. and Timmy Thomas were unreal. Killing what seemed like endless 5 on 3’s, blocking shots, and frustrating the top guns for Pittsburgh. The kill was a huge part of the win last night.

B’s show how to defend a goalie: Take notes Buffalo. Every time someone touched Thomas, they were hit. Campbell threw down in the 3rd, after Thomas was run at. That’s how you defend your goalie. Campbell played a great game.

Crosby is still a douche: I respect the kid, he’s unreal but he is still a douche. Don’t get tough with David Krejci. We all know you’re not going to do anything. Way to collide with your own teammate.

Pouliot becoming a non douche: I gotta hand it to him, he keeps playing his ass off, and he as one hell of a shot. He’s quickly becoming a Bruin and you know what? I dig it.

Marchand rules: He may not have won the fight, he may never win a fight, but the way he plays, he knows he has to throw down. You have just got to love the effort from this kid night in and night out.

Yipee Kiyay-Paille: I love Paille. He leveled Malkin, and it was awesome.

3 Stars 

1). Tim Thomas – Stood on his head

2). Greg Campbell – Goal + fight = badass

3). Crosby and Kunitz colliding – Hilarious


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