Tim Tebow still deserves to be hated

There are a lot of people out there who have been giving me a lot of shit for still continuing to hate Tim Tebow with a burning passion. Let me please itemize the reasons why I hate Tim Tebow for all you band-wagoners who are just looking for somebody new to follow and praise like you have been there for him all along. Like you sat there and watched all of his college games, or knew he was going to be a first round pick, and suddenly became Broncos fans when Tebow took over as a starter. All you people, I hate you, and yes that includes my very own brother and several close friends.

1) He sucks as a Quarterback. Yes his team has been winning, and read that line very carefully – his goddamn TEAM has been winning. The Denver Tim Tebows have not won a thing, the Denver Broncos have won games. There is not one person in the history of the NFL that can say they won games by themselves. There is 11 people on the goddamn field.

It has taken almost 2 years for his mechanics to get “slightly” better since joining the league. Dont you think the learning curve is going to have to be a little bit quicker than that to stay in the NFL? He has a slow release, a weak arm, a giant windup, and he shuffles his feet in the pocket like a skittish horse. The lifespan for running quarterbacks in the NFL? Ask Jamarcus Russell, Vince Young, Michael Bishop, Mike Vick (no rings, nor will he ever see a super bowl), Donovan McNabb, and Tavaris Jackson…..a combined zero Super Bowls. Crazy right.  Oh, and these comparisons need to stop immediately too (below).

2) He praises God after a win, loss, fumble, pick, touchdown, bowl movement….Hey listen people, just ask the Reverend Knick himself, I have no problem with the man upstairs. I went to Catholic School all my life, I even prayed once or twice. So I have no issue with Tebow being religious, but is it absolutely necessary to talk about Him at all times (See that capital H there). We get it dude, you’re a religious guy, but so is Ray Lewis and he clearly has killed two guys in the past.

3) He is first on Google search when you type in “Tim”. The fact that this 24 year old kid who has not won a thing, nor will ever sniff a championship, and will be on the bench by this time next year (Scal guarantee – I’ve been right on most public guarantees – look it up), makes me sick. I cant believe I have to hear about Tim Tebow on Boston sports radio when the Patriots are the number 1 team in the AFC, the Bruins just got ranked #1 in the NHL Power Rankings, the Celtics are about to start back up, and the Red Sox just hired Bobby Valentine.  Are you kidding me?

Unlike the rest of you who all of a sudden are huge Tim Tebow fans, I have hated him since he took over at Florida, I hated when McDaniels drafted him at the end of the first round so he now always has that 1st round tag, and I hated it when Brady Quinn got overlooked in Denver…..The last one is a joke obviously but I hate Tim Tebow and that is why. Cant wait to see the comments from everybody who cant even tell me what a Cover 2 Defense is. Bring it on die hard football fans.


9 thoughts on “Tim Tebow still deserves to be hated

  1. rob.burris@gmail.com says:

    I just don’t understand why the guy has to start every interview with “I want to thank my lord and savior Jesus Christ.” What it that suppose to mean? That God likes the Bronocs more than the Vikings? I would like to assume that God was busy helping children with AIDS or something, and less interested in the outcome of a game.

    And for all of you who say he has every right to preach the gospel? Well, I got news for you. We have the right to complain about it. It’s called Freedom of Speech. And it doesn’t just apply to Christians.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I mostly agree with you but your comment about the “lifespan of running QBs..” was kind of stupid. JaMarcus Russell? The only thing he ran for was his fork. McNabb has had a long career and is a probable HOFer and Vick and Young have certainly had their quality moments and Tavaris Jackson is still a starter. Also, why didn’t you include guys like Steve Young in your list of “running QBs”? He certainly belongs there.

  3. Mel says:

    Tebows career will fizzle out within the next year where he will become a .500 starter at best. Lets check the Elway comparisons then

  4. Scal says:

    Either way you look at it Russell was not a think first pocket-passer. McNabb will absolutely not be a HOFer. Vick has shown signs of being able to throw in the pocket, but ultimately flees and gets himself hurt, and Vince Young has shown quality moments? When?. TJack is only still a starter because what they thought their future was in Charlie Whitehurst was even worse. Steve Young is one of few running QB’s to win a Super Bowl with his team. But lets not forget he had the best receiver of all time to throw to when he didn’t feel like scrambling.

    Mel said it best – guy is going to be a bust. Guarandamntee

  5. Anonymous says:

    Pretty sure he’s winning with the same defense and personnel as Kyle Orton (who im sure is a much better QB then Tebow) had when he went 1-4. Yes he hasn’t won anything (except 2 NCAA Championships and a Heisman) because he has’t been given a chance until this year, gotta be given a shot in order to win something there Ace, and well, he’s started out by going 7-1 as a starter, but I’m sure that isn’t a point to be made, because its Tebow. The kid has started 11 games and you and everyone else is already saying he’s going to be a bust even though he has his team in line to make the playoffs. Tell me, you hate that he has that first round tag? If you were an owner of a team, would you not try to draft a 2-time National Champ who won a Heisman, and was in the running for a second? You would probably be the one to pass on him just to make a point. Broncos start 1-4 this year, everyone writes them off and start preparing for next year, and all of a sudden they start Tebow, are now in line to win their division, and now he’s public enemy #1. Not saying he’s gonna win the SB (that will go to New England) or the MVP, but seriously, an ounce of credit for giving a downing team a glimmer of hope would be nice. Now I’m going to go google what a Cover 2 defense is since thats a credential that needs to be obtained.

  6. Anonymous says:

    your a dumb ass. I am ashamed to call myself a patriots fan today knowing me and you have something in common. Do everyone a favor and run into on-coming traffic.

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