Adam Vinatieri booed yesterday, but he says wasn’t as bad as Johnny Damon

FOXBORO, Mass. — Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri wasn’t wearing pinstripes, but that’s about all he had going for him during Sunday’s loss to the Patriots at Gillette Stadium.
The Patriot legend was loudly booed before, during and after his lone field-goal attempt — to the point where he was asked if he felt like Johnny Damon when he returned to Fenway Park in a Yankees uniform.
“Well, yes but no,” Vinatieri said. “I mean, I never played for the Yankees, so I think it’s a little bit more of a hatred.NESN

In an odd/funny/confusing event yesterday, Adam Vinatieri was booed with some force by the Patriot fans. A kicker who won the Patriots countless regular season games, playoff games and two Superbowls was being collectively hated by the Gillette crowd. And I’m not sure why.

If the only reason Pats fans were booing Vinatieri was because he was wearing different laundry, then “Pink Hat” nation has struck again. Because Vinatieri was wearing a Colts jersey yesterday. Yes he is now on the same team as Brady’s arch rival Peyton Manning, but yesterday wasn’t the same Colts team of the past. It was the 0-11 Dan Orlovsky lead Colts who are in no way a threat to the Patriots this year.

But to the Gillette crowd’s defense, Vinatieri does look kind of smug at times. I guess that’s worth hating a man for.


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