If the Celtics don’t trade Rondo, how soon is he going on suicide watch?

Rondo is a delicate person. His face looks young, his skin looks clear, and I assume his skin is soft (too many skin references to start off a post). Besides the soft exterior, Rondo is equally as delicate/soft on the inside. Meaning that Rondo can’t really take adversity well off the court. Not even a little bit actually. Because when the President of the United States makes a seemingly friendly joke to your teammate about your poor shooting ability, getting teary eyed shouldn’t be your first reaction.

So when Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers sat with gusto at the press conference yesterday and adamantly stated “They aren’t trying to trade Rajon Rondo“, even the most heartless wench felt for the Celtics point guard. Because lying about leaving the cap off of the peanut butter jar is one thing, but lying about a failing trade to acquire the leagues best point guard in Chris Paul is another.

If Ainge traded Rondo, the point guard’s psyche would be in better shape than it might be in two weeks. Because now, Rondo is going to have to come back to a team that wanted him out. They wanted to rebuild this team without him. He was the main trading piece that was going to make things better in Boston again. And he knew it.

But with Paul letting everyone know he won’t sign an extension if traded to the Celtics, and his new fake/real love for the New York Knicks Rondo has to come back to the open arms of Ainge and Doc. Kind of like when my father left me on the train tracks 200 miles away from my house when I was six in an attempt to abandon me, but I somehow found my way home a week later.

In short, Rondo is eff’ed. If the Perkins trade had the mental affect it had on Rondo last season, this little Chris Paul episode will make him insane. I’m talking mute status for months. It will be interesting to see what direction Rondo’s mental health goes if this trade officially falls through.


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