Spud Webb is the new coach of your New York topless basketball league for strippers

The former NBA star known for his small stature will soon be known for his ability to guide strippers up and down the court, the league announced Tuesday. The league is Rick’s Basketball Association, and it was originally formed in order to fill the void left by the NBA lockout. Though that lockout appears to have been solved, with basketball slated to resume on Dec. 25, the topless league will live on.

“Of course we are happy the NBA is coming back in December — they are some of our best customers,” Gianna, a young woman with no given last name, said in a league statement. “We’ll play ’til the NBA season starts because our fans and customers want it.”

Webb will coach the New York team in the league, which will compete with a team from Miami and another from Minneapolis. The 5-foot-7 Webb has high hopes for his players — one of whom looks tall enough to dunk. “These ladies are fabulous and have obvious talents and skills,” Webb said. “I can’t think of a better way to entertain long-suffering NBA fans.NESN 

Who is Rick and why does he have a stripper basketball league named after him? Anyways, this is one of the greatest stories I have heard in quite some time. First of all let me tell you how much of a Spud Webb fan I was. A big one. Secondly, let me tell you how much of a stripper fan I am. A wicked big one. And finally, I think basketball is a pretty jazzy game. You put all three of those things together and you have gold. If there is a Canadian team in this league Spud better have his girls be careful because I hear Canadian strippers are full contact and will ride you up the court.


One thought on “Spud Webb is the new coach of your New York topless basketball league for strippers

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