Paul Bearer is the Man on Twitter

Yes Jammers you’ve heard it right. The one and only Paul Bearer is not only on Twitter, but he crushes it. A Jammer @CGROSS97, who was featured earlier on the Jam for Tweet of the day, found the mysterious wrestling character on Twitter and decided to inform a couple of his biggest fans. Within minutes Paul Bearer responded in typical Paul Bearer fashion.

“wweURNiverse Paul Bearer Pringle
@CGROSS97 @guar27 Surprise… surprise… surprise….”

Guar can only imagine Paul Bearer sitting in the funeral home, no company except the dead and his infamous urn when he gets a Twitter notification. He sees that some people tweeted at him and he sends an awesome creepy response. Not only did this make Guar’s day, but possibly his year.

Paul Bearer tweeted yesterday that he is available for bookings in 2012. I’ll tell you what Jammers, if Guar was a young sixteen year old, I would book the crap out of Paul Bearer for my Super Sweet Sixteenth Party. Instead of a rapper coming out and singing a song that everybody kind of knows the words to, imagine Paul Bearer coming out with his urn singing me happy birthday. Then helping me cut my casket cake while he creeps out my guests. Then who knows who comes to the after party. The Undertaker perhaps, Kane, maybe there is a casket match between them as the after party. The possibilities are endless if Paul Bearer is on the guest list. I am currently trying to negotiate rates with him so he can be my plus one at my 5th year high school reunion. Lets hope for the best Jammers and maybe Guar and Paul Bearer are coming to RAW near year after I win the next season of Tough Enough. Well I have to go practice my frog splashes, that’s it for now Jammers. Guar out


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