Thanksgiving Day in Review

On a day filled with seeing hated family members, eating hated family members sub par food, and then drinking heavily as a result of hating the hated family members, some sports actually took place in between. And if you got a chance to sneak a peek at the TV while your uncle was telling you how his knee replacement surgery went, then you might have caught the few exciting things that happened yesterday in the world of sports:

The Ndamukong Suh stomp:

For the first time in years, the Thanksgiving NFL game had some intrigue as the undefeated Green Bay Packers took on the Detroit Lions. The Packers won and remain undefeated, but the true story was Ndamukong Suh. Suh lost his cool and his temper, again, and stomped a Packers Offensive Lineman in the bicep after the whistle. Suh was ejected from the game and gave a quasi apology only to his teammates, coaches, and fans. Suh’s reputation and bear presence might have scared the Packers as well, because not one Packer came to the rescue of their teammate whose bicep was stomped in half.

Jason Witten cops a cheap feel from a Cowboys cheerleader:

The most disgusting and frustrating team to watch in the NFL played to their reputation yesterday, as the Cowboys hosted the Dolphins in Dallas (the game sounds like a hypothetical “worst game to watch”). And in one of the games few bright spots, Cowboys Tight End Jason Witten caught a pass and was dragged down out of bounds, and in the process he took down a cheerleader from behind (no need to insert joke).  The cheerleader wasn’t harmed, but did use the event to get some face time as she gestured to the crowd and turned around so the camera would get as much of her as possible.  That $50 bucks a game salary does have some perks after all.

Beef was served at the Jam’s Thanksgiving:

Yes, turkey was consumed yesterday but the Jam doesn’t just flow with the boring traditional turkey and stuffing gig. We had beef yesterday. Glorious, juicy, bloody beef.  To be honest, Moose didn’t even have any turkey.  I was too full off of bloody beef, I didn’t have any room for dry turkey.  Instead of the tryptophan effect from turkey,  I had heart palpitations and loss of breath because I had an extraordinary amount of  red meat coursing through my body.  I didn’t feel the best, but at least I wasn’t tired.


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