So Jose Canseco agrees to fight Shaq

Jose Canseco tweeted Wednesday that he accepts Shaquille O’Neal’s challenge and would be willing to step in the boxing ring to face the 7-footer.

Shaq, recently retired from the Celtics, tweeted Nov. 12 after hearing about Canseco’s scheduled fight with disgraced former major league Lenny Dykstra (Dykstra pulled out, then denied he ever agreed to it). Tweeted Shaq to UFC president Dana White: What up Dana white I wanna fight Jose conseco hook it up.

The former Red Sox slugger responded Wednesday night, also on Twitter: I accept shaqs challenge to fight him let’s get it on. Shaq tell ur girlfriend Dana white to make Thu fight happen. WEEI

If this isn’t the “who can stay relevant after the age of 40” fight of the century then I don’t know what is.  Both of these guys just refuse to go away.  Just one publicity stunt after another.  I wouldn’t even get too excited about this “fight”.  Sure the hype for this thing will rival the last televised Oprah Winfrey show, but after the first 20 seconds it will absolutely blow.  Mainly because these guys are in terrible shape and won’t actually try their best to knock off the other guys head.

Sometimes I just wish Canseco would revert back to being depressed when his girlfriend dumped him.  He was far more entertaining.  Check out this tweet from earlier this past year for example, hilarious.

“Roses are red violets are blue, I heard your voice and got all depressed too”


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