Turkey Talk: Greatest High School Football Records

In the spirit of Thanksgiving High School Football, I wanted to do a little piece on some records that are ungodly, out of this worldy, untouchable throughout this great nation that we stole unwillingly from a bunch of Indians.

This first record I just want to preface by saying in the NFL, where 16 games are played, the most TD passes ever in a season is 50 by our own Thomas Brady. Now, in high school football, where an average of around 11 games are played in a season, Corey Robinson from some hick ass town in Kentucky threw 91 god damn touchdown passes in 2007, eclipsing the old record of 77. Haven’t heard his name in the NFL yet, probably a victim of the spread offense.

This next one is my personal favorite, and completely disregard the fact that it was set in 1927. Haven, Kansas put up a measly 256 points against Sylvia, Kansas that year.  Coach was interviewed after the game “I just wanted to make sure my everyone knows that nothing comes easy in this world, you have to work for everything.”  What are the chances that guy beat both his kids and wife?

There are so many insane records out there that I could use as my final segment, but this one just seems absolutely un-sniffable. Some guy named Jim Linnstaeder picked off 35 passes in 1950. Lets be modest and say they played 12 games that year, Jimmy boy was intercepting 2.9 passes per game. What?  Who the f threw the ball enough times in 1950 to let Old Jim snag 35 picks? This is absolute insanity, I cant believe Jim didnt make the NFL.

Anyway, enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday from me and all your friends at the Jam.


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