Baseball just got a lot less American: Bans chewing tobacco…sort of

Major League Baseball and it’s owners agreed to limit the use of smokeless tobacco, but will allow players to use it during games. The rules consist of no carrying tins in the backpocket, and no using it during pregame and postgame interviews.

Last year, Congress and multiple tobacco groups wanted to ban it all together, but the players union fought back.

This is another reason why the left winged government is a joke. They believe the players on TV need to set a “good example” to impressionable kids by taking away a liberty.  RantSports

No more dip rings in the back pockets. But in my mind, that could be a massive risk for the MLB. Because what do you think players are going to do right before they hit the field and can’t bring their chew with them? Pack the most massive lips possible. Probably triple the size of a normal pinch, because since they can’t have it with them on the field anymore guys are going to make their chews worth it. Which also leads to the possibility of players choking on their diesel dips when playing. Which could result in choking or vomiting. So I guess that’s what the MLB is going for these days. Just a bunch of guys throwing up on the field because they’re choking on dip.


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