What was more shocking last night: Julian Edelman or the massive crowd fight during the Bruins game?

Julian Edelman wasn’t seen as a sexual assaulter last night. Instead, he was seen as the punt returning, wide receiver tackling sexual assaulter. Edelman had two punt returns last night, one of them going for a 72 yard touchdown score. He also made a decent tackle in the second quarter on the Chiefs running back.

Also going on last night was the Bruins vs. Habs game in Montreal. The best rivalry in hockey resulted in a 1-0 Bruins win, but the real story in my eyes was the vicious fight that broke out in the stands during the game. Not sure what it was about, but it took security way too long to break it up. And as a result, some poor five year old kid has a random guy’s blood splattered all over his brand new shoes. Nothing can remove the stain of blood. Nothing.


I’m going with Edelman. The crowd fight in Montreal is as expected.  Overly passionate Canadians fighting each other over a team they love.  Makes sense.

But it wasn’t too long ago when everyone wanted Edelman out of town, and that was before the sexual assault on Halloween. His Troy Brown’ish play on defense is definitely intriguing, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s been returning the ball pretty well as of late too.  Just don’t let me down Julian. I want to root for at-least one Jew in professional sports.


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