I never knew Brady loved huffing smelling salt before games

Before last night’s game against the Chiefs, the camera focused on Tom Brady sitting on the Patriots bench alone. And while the camera was on him, Brady proceeded to sniff a paper cup over and over. And after each sniff, Brady’s face would scrunch up in a repulsed way. One of the sniffs actually resulted in a Brady cough/gag (never knew there was such a thing) which made me believe that Brady was sniffing the ever popular “Sniffing Salt” in order to jack himself up for the game.

Smelling salt, also known as spirit of hartshorn or sal volatile, are chemical compounds used for arousing consciousness. And in an athletes case, it’s used to wake them up after their head has been smashed. But for Brady, it’s used to get him focused. Which is odd because getting focused usually doesn’t involve gagging until your eyes water.

Huffing shit before games isn’t all too foreign to athletes though. The Bruins pass around shit to sniff before every game during the national anthem. But instead of having a plastic cup protecting the stimulator like Brady did, the Bruins hand it off bare handed practically shoving the salt in their nose.

So should something like smelling salt be illegal in professional sports? It wakes up the senses and is considered a stimulant, so an argument can be made. I think its perfectly fine though. Like sniffing chemicals every killed anybody….


4 thoughts on “I never knew Brady loved huffing smelling salt before games

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