The Pats and Bruins battle for Monday night TV time tonight

Its going to be a tough night of television on this balmy Monday evening as the surging Bruins take on their long time rival Canadiens, but we have also been waiting all week to see the Pats play again. So what do you do? Here are some reasons on why you should flip back and forth as opposed to putting on one game and dropping the clicker:

Why Watch the B’s
1. Its B’s v Habs baby! Some of the best hockey these teams play is against each other. Any time P.K. Subban skates on to the Garden someone is licking their lips ready to rip his head off. Its Chara v Pacioretty! The drudging, uphill legal battle that Chara was facing for his March 8th hit on Maximus is finally over. He can clear his mind of those looming charges and get back to hockey (sarcasm).
2. They have won 7 straight games. They have been on a scoring spree which is not always the case with a Bruins team, so at this point they are pretty fun to watch. Seeing Tyler Seguin dance around defenders on his way to top 10 in points in the NHL has been electrifying. Even the garbage goals have been fun to watch.
3. The Pats are playing the Chiefs….Nothing great about that at all. They are a big favorite, and on top of that we don’t even get to see Matt Cassel play against his former mentor in Tom Brady. Instead we get to see Tyler Palko, yea exactly.

Why Watch the Pats
1. The Pats are playing the Chiefs….Should be a solid beatdown. If you want to see Brady and Welker put up numbers, this will be the game to do it. Yes KC has a legit pass rusher in Tamba Hali, and yes they have a legit secondary in Flowers, Carr, and Berry, but still, they will lose by a lot. Tom should find a way to carve them up on his way to a 350 yard game while Welker finds himself with 10+ catches and upwards of 125 yards. And Gronk will probably score 2 touchdowns because no linebacker on the Chiefs can cover him.
2. The Jets, and the Bills lost this week thus opening the door for the Pats to take even a bigger step forward to put themselves atop the East. With Sanchez playing extremely poorly, and the Bills finally realizing who they are, the East is up for the taking tonight.

Good night of TV tonight, enjoy!

Oh, “The Nanny” reruns are on ABC Family at around nine o’clock too if both games blow.

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